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May 11, 2020

Booking & Cashing Out at Hair’s Talent

Hi amazing clients and perspective clients! So I wanted to take the time out to have some information available about booking. Currently we are booking up about 2 months out.Or better yet when you are in the salon for your appointment we should there and then schedule you for your next appointment. This means we are doing everything within our power to accommodate all of your busy lives. But because of how booked out we are we are asking you all to help us and try and book at least 1-2 months before you would like to come in. Especially our Gina Curl, Thermal and Straight Variation Clients.

Lets talk about Deposits. Clients must understand that when we book a longer service we are requiring a deposit for this reason and this reason only. We are booking anywhere from 4-8 hours off for these services, so if a client were to cancel after booking one of these services Gina is not losing an hour, she is losing a half of day of making money. This is the only reason we take a deposit. If a client were to cancel or not show for an appointment the deposit will insure Gina doesn’t loose an entire day of pay. Of course money is still being lost and that is why it is so important clients make it on time to their appointments, but at least she is still making something for the lost time. When we say you have to cancel 7+ Days we specify this so we have at least a week to try and move our book around to cover that canceled appointment spot. This is simply why we can not refund a Deposit if it is canceled within one week. We DO NOT have enough time to try and rearrange our clients who are booked further out to the canceled spot.

Lets now talk about Consultations.

So many perspective clients get so excited about booking that they just want to call us and book without a Consultation or leave a Deposit before they book. We discourage this because without a complete review of a consultation, we can not give the client a quote. We also have not had time to discuss dates that can work for us and the client. This is why it is so important to either come in to the salon for a consultation or complete the Online Consultation Form available on our website FIRST. We need to be sure the process happens in a certain order so everyone’s T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted. We want to provide our clients with the best experience possible and this process efficiently makes it happen. Also we understand that so many of you want Gina’s expert advice, but again we need a completed consultation to answer your questions. More times than not we run into, going back and forth with clients questions and they are getting more and more specific. If the clients sent in a completed consultation with their questions we can avoid the back and forth and give you a complete response the very first time.

And finally cashing out here at Hair’s Talent.

We just have a brand new Point of Sale System. Clients always ask me what kind of payment we accept. We accept all major credit cards, and cash. If a client would like to leave a tip, the client now has the ability to leave it when checking out right on the PinPad when they are being rung out. Cash is always the preferred tip method in case we are splitting a tip between stylists but we can always process when using a credit or debit card. I am also asked frequently about how much clients should tip. I always say anywhere from 10-20% of their total. Just like any other service you pay for gratuity usually flows in that area. Gina and our stylists always appreciate any tip though.

Again we are crazy busy over here at Hair’s Talent and we always want to provide our current and perspective clients with as much information as possible so they feel prepared and aware of why we do things here, like we do. Hope you are all are having a great day! -Vance

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