By: Gina Rivera
May 11, 2020

Can I Touch up my GinaCurl With Other Perm Methods?


GinaCurl and The Other Curly Perms

“It’s not all that it’s cracked up to be.”

We received this response from a client that hasn’t been to us in about a year. Why? Because she chose to have another salon try a different curly perm process to help her deal with her tight coiled regrowth. Her GinaCurl stylist gave her every warning they could but in the end, she was determined to find out for herself. 

With a ticket price of half the GinaCurl, she expected the same results she received with her GinaCurl but didn’t get them. She experienced breakage and her GinaCurl ends became stringy and spongy, which can be described as over processed.

The GinaCurl is so different from the rest. The main difference is that the previously treated GinaCurl hair will never be processed over again. We are able to take our time applying the curl reformer, which gives us time to protect the previously treated GinaCurl hair. The curl reformer takes time to process, which means during the rinsing process the ends won’t have time to absorb the curl reformer, causing the previously treated hair to become over-processed. The curl reformer is never applied to the rods therefore, the ends are never being compromised repeatedly. 

We never recommend following up with another curly perm after the GinaCurl because our technique helps to retain health and length.

Although, we can service the GinaCurl over other Curly Perms because of our technique, before doing so, we need at least 4 inches of regrowth and an explanation to the client that the previously treated curly perm will be left as is and will not be manipulated. We will do what we can to liven up the ends but we cannot guarantee the results on the previously treated hair.

Can the GinaCurl Be Serviced Over a Relaxer or A Texlax.

The answer is, no. The GinaCurl will not process over a relaxer or a texlax, and you can’t preform a texlax or a relaxer over a GinaCurl. The two chemicals should not be mixed. The end results will be damaged, over-processed hair with no curl. 

Can we service the Straight Variation over a Keratin Treatment or a Brazilian Blow Out.

The process of temporarily eliminating curl and frizz began with much debate over the use of Formaldehyde. The results were beautiful for most. Now, that the general public is more widely educated on the health concerns of Formaldehyde, they look towards alternate Formaldehyde-FREE formulas. This is where the disappointment came in as none of these alternatives gave the desired results. 

What clients experience now is nothing more than a conditioning treatment without the Formaldehyde. The temporary trend is now losing strength and clients are looking into more permanent processes. More than ever, clients are returning to what works! They’re doing their research and coming back to our specialists here at The Hair’s Talent Salon!

When servicing a Straight Variation over a Keratin Treatment, we like to have at least 4 inches of regrowth, so we can customize the strength for the roots versus the keratin treated hair. You can have a Keratin Service over a Straight Variation but we only recommend it twice a year. Keep in mind, it is protein and protein infused into the hair can be damaging if it’s serviced incorrectly and excessively.

Is Gina’s Straight Variation permanent? 


Can it remove all my curls? 


Straight Variation Over a Relaxer and a Texlax

Yes, we can perform a Straight variation over a Relaxer and a Texlax but again we will need at least 4 inches of regrowth so we can customize the strengths accordingly and protect the Relaxer and Texlax ends.

Can a client go from a Straight Variation to a Relaxer or a Texlax the answer is, absolutely no. It will over process the Straight Variation hair because the relaxer takes so quickly. In addition, in the rinsing step the Straight Variation hair will absorb and over process causing spongy stringy and over processed results.

All other questions regarding color, highlights, relaxers and its effect on your GinaCurl and Straight Variation is left for your Specialist to answer; that’s what they’re there for! By the time chemicals have been applied to your hair, you should have no further questions and the entire process should leave you satisfied. For clients that are thinking about switching back to a Sodium Hydroxide Relaxer or a Texturizer might want to think twice, then think twice more, and do some research on the stunning healthy results you can achieve with Gina’s Straight Variation.

Performing the GinaCurl, Straight Variation on any hair texture takes time, training, dedication, and MOST importantly a love for the craft. GC Stylists are trained for a minimum of 6 months, where we work alongside Gina Rivera, owner of Hair’s Talent Salon and her team to give clients their best hair day ever! We specialize in the GC services and are knowledgeable on application for ALL hair textures.

In this field, those who are willing to sit and consult with clients and ease every last worry are few and far between. This can be a long tedious procedure and stylists must be prepared for the challenge. Clients today want more than the “deli line” experience, and so do we. We’re not trying to get you in and out because everyone’s hair is unique and one size does NOT fit all.  We, at Hair’s Talent, know the concerns of our clients. We are upfront and honest as to the risks and expectations, and take every measure to ensure a beautiful outcome. From the initial free consultation, to following up with you after your services to the complimentary Protein & Moisture Treatments a month later; we are always considerate of our client’s individual needs.

This is the nature of the beauty industry. Change is inevitable. It’s the ability to discern what’s truly valuable and best suited to the needs of our clients that sets us apart. 


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