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Questions About The GinaCurl

How is the GinaCurl different from a Jherri Curl or Wave Nouveau?

What makes our GinaCurl different from the rest, is that we can take our time to apply our curl reformer (The Thio Chemical). It can take up to 1 hour to process, so we have time to address every porosity level down the hair shaft, sometimes using 2 to 3 chemical strengths. When our client comes back to the salon for a retouch, we can protect the previously treated hair with protection cream and apply the curl reformer to the regrowth only. Because the curl reformer takes so long to process, the previously treated hair will not have enough time to absorb the curl reformer during the rinsing. Another difference is, there is no curl reformer applied to the perm rods. So, there is no chance of compromising the ends, burning, or skin irritation.

How much does the initial GinaCurl cost?

The price is determined by the length, texture, condition and previous chemical in the client’s hair. Our price starts at $550 with a starting length of three inches. We require a $250 deposit when you schedule your appointment. This will confirm your day and time. Your deposit is refunded if you cancel 7 days before of your appointment.

How much do GinaCurl retouches cost?

The retouch is often more difficult, more delicate and there is more time involved to perform the retouch. We honour the price of your GinaCurl retouch the same as your first GinaCurl even though your hair has grown, and more time and product is needed. The price will stay the same as long as you come back before your one-year anniversary and there has not been any chemical change to your hair. If you come after your one-year anniversary you will need to submit another online consultation to us. By your second retouch, if you continue to grow out your hair, OR, you decide to cut and style your hair a lot shorter, we will adjust the price of your retouch.

For retouches, do you process all of my hair again or just the new growth?

During your retouch the stylist will only address the new growth, unless they feel the ends need to be refreshed. The previously treated hair will be protected using a protection cream below the line of demarcation, so the Thio solution will not be saturated into the previously treated hair.

Questions About Booking A GinaCurl

How do I book an appointment at Hair’s Talent?

Your healthy hair journey starts with your online consultation. Once we receive your consultation, we will send you a quote which we will honor for three months. All photos and history must be up to date. After receiving your online consultation, we will get back to you within a week, send you a quote and answer any questions you may have. Then you can call the salon to schedule your appointment.

Are there any reasons I wouldn’t be able to get the GinaCurl?
You are not a candidate for the GinaCurl if you have high lift color, highlights, bleach, relaxer or a texturizer. Some smoothing treatments and amino acid treatments may be another reason for not being able to get a successful GinaCurl from roots to ends. We will determine that in your online consultation.
What are your recommendations for clients with thin or fine hair?

Our recommendation if you have fine or thin hair is to keep your hair short so it will look full. The longer you go with fine thin hair, the more the hair will look stringy and see through.

Can I get the GinaCurl if my hair is color treated?

Servicing the GinaCurl on color treated hair is trickier than most people think. This is because the ends are very porous and the roots area is much healthier, so customizing is required. We recommend that only the roots are colored with permanent color and if the ends need to be refreshed, use only a rinse. Remember peroxide color lifts and semi permanent color deposits. If you want to stay or go dark, there is no need to use peroxide color. To consistently receive fabulous GinaCurls, you must understand the effects of peroxide color with your GinaCurl. Hydrogen peroxide will break some of the internal disulfide bonds found in the cortex of the hair. In a typical hair color process, approximately 10 % of existing disulfide bonds are destroyed. If the hair is damaged because of an over processed color, the hair will be weak, easily broken and gummy or stretchy when wet. This means the client is definitely not a good candidate for GinaCurl. You will need a few protein treatments to mend the cortex layer.

Can I get the GinaCurl if I have Highlights with color?
We do not recommend highlights with the GinaCurl. There is no way to isolate the hair that is colored from virgin hair. If we do the GinaCurl over highlighted hair we will have to use a weaker formula to protect the colored hair, so the virgin hair will not take a successful curl.
Will the GinaCurl fade my color-treated hair?
Yes, artificial hair color may fade somewhat with this process. Virgin hair may also lift one shade for some clients.
How long do I need to wait before coloring the hair?

Wait fourteen days for all types of color, including demi, semi and rinse colors. You can risk the chance of the hair reverting if the hair is colored too soon. We also recommend using a lower volume peroxide to color your GinaCurl and using 1-2 shades lighter than before, when choosing an all over color; because hair colors that are lower in peroxide percentage deposit do not lift lighter.

Can I get the GinaCurl if I’m pregnant?

Yes, getting a GinaCurl doesn’t appear to be a problem for the health of your baby’s well-being. There are no conclusive studies about the safety during pregnancy of the solution used for the GinaCurl. However, because of the pregnancy hormone changes in the first trimester, we don’t recommend getting the Gina Curl during your first trimester. We also don’t recommend getting the GinaCurl for the first three months of your child’s life, because hormones can cause some client’s hair to be very resistant to chemicals. We caution clients to wait until after nursing. Another thing that most pregnant women are not aware of is, normally the hair sheds quit a bit after birth and sometimes after nursing. It’s generally assumed that the hair does not shed as much during the pregnancy, therefore getting a little thicker. Afterward, the hair returns to its normal thickness, basically shedding off all the hair that didn’t get shed in 9+ months.

Can I get the GinaCurl if I have Alopecia?
Yes, there is no problem servicing the GinaCurl on someone that has Alopecia.

Questions About the Straight Variation

What is Straight Variation?
Straight Variation uses a curl reforming product to straighten your hair while improving the hair’s feel, softness and shine and making it more manageable to style your hair with ease.
How can I style my hair after a Straight Variation?

You can blow-dry and flat iron your hair if you would like a polished and styled look. What would have taken you 1 hour to do will now take 20 minutes to do. We recommend using a flat iron at a low temperature. You can also wear your hair in protective styles.

Will the Straight Variation help with my comb out routine?
Straight variation will help to keep your hair healthy by allowing you to comb through your hair with ease. Less stress on your hair and less product needed will help retain health and length.
Will my hair shrink after styling with the Straight Variation?
No. Once you style your hair it will not shrink back up. It will last longer and feel so soft.
Can I get a GinaCurl after a Straight Variation?
It may be possible to get a GinaCurl after a Straight Variation as long as you don’t have heat damage.
Is the Straight Variation a Formaldehyde based perm?
No. The Straight Variation is a thioglycolate-based perm and it is permanent, unlike a Keratin treatment.
How is the Straight Variation different from a Brazilian Blowout?

The Straight Variation permanently texturizers the hair by physically changing the structure of the hair. Brazilian Blow Dry treatments temporarily coat the hair with keratin to smooth the hair, but the effects generally wash out after 3 to 6 months. So, you must visit a salon often to re-coat the hair with this method. Brazilian Blow Dry treatments may also contain hazardous chemicals that release highly carcinogenic gas. For more information on the danger of chemicals, please check OSHA Safety and Regulations.

When do I need to come back for a retouch of my Straight Variation?
We recommend getting a Straight Variation every 5 to 6 months.

Questions About Thermal Reconditioning

What is the Thermal Reconditioning process?

Thermal reconditioning includes a four-step process, a flat-ironing segment and continuous infusion of proteins/conditioners into the hair. First, a straightening solution is applied and removed when the hair reaches its optimal elastic state. Second, quarter-inch sections of hair are meticulously flat-ironed throughout the head. This process simultaneously straightens and repairs each hair. Third, a chemical neutralizer is applied to “set” the hair in its straight configuration. Fourth, the hair is rinsed, blown dry and flat-ironed to a straight, glossy finish. The entire process can take an average of 3-4 hours. Extremely tenacious, thick, long hair could take longer to complete.

What will my hair look like after the treatment?
Your hair will be straight and will feel incredibly soft and silky with more shine.
How long can I expect this service to last?
Thermal Reconditioning/TR is a permanent straightening service. The hair will remain straight until it grows out.
How long should I wait to shampoo or color my hair after a Thermal Reconditioning treatment?

Wait 48-72 hours to shampoo or wet your hair. Wait two weeks to color your hair. Because the hair will become more structurally porous-not visually porous-following thermal reconditioning, I recommend using a lower volume peroxide to touch-up color on previously thermal reconditioned hair. The hair should not be bound, clipped, pinned or in any way crimped for any prolonged period of time after the TR process. It is not recommended to wear a hat or tuck your hair behind your ears for 72 hours. This may create a permanent crease in the hair.

Can I let my hair naturally dry after the Thermal Reconditioning Straightening?
Naturally drying the hair is actually more damaging to the hair than applying heat after the Thermal Reconditioning process. The hair retains a “Heat Memory” after the TR process. When heat is applied by either a blow dryer or flat iron, the hair immediately responds by softening and smoothing leaving the hair cuticle flat and extremely shiny. You can naturally dry the hair but without the same degree of smoothness.
Will my hair require any special treatment?
Yes. The primary component of hair is protein, accounting for over 85 percent of its structure. Any chemical service that alters the cortex may cause protein loss. Hair that is lacking protein will break easily. Natural color will look dull and lifeless and appear lighter in spots. The primary culprit in protein loss is chemical services. Protein damage almost never occurs without moisture loss. A protein treatment once a month is highly recommended. Wash your hair twice with a protein-based shampoo and then follow with your protein treatment. Rinse the protein out very well and always follow up with a moisturizer conditioner. Without an intensive at-home care follow-up reconditioning treatments, you cannot expect successful results.
Can I get Thermal Reconditioning just once, and then have curls grow back? What does the hair look like in transition?

Yes. You can get Thermal Reconditioning once and have your curls grow back. But keep in mind that as the new growth emerges, you’ll notice a contrast between the treated hair and your natural re-growth. At this point you have multiple choices:

  • You can let it grow naturally
  • Switch to Gina’s Straight Variation,
  • Cut off the TRd part of your hair.
What if my hair is cut into layers?
Thermal Reconditioning styling looks the best on one length hair. Consider growing out your layers.
Can I get Thermal Reconditioning if I have highlights?
Highlights can be very tricky to work with. The highlighted sections are usually treated differently from the non-highlighted sections. For example, the highlighted areas might require a milder processing solution, shorter processing time, additional proteins/conditioners to repair/protect the strands, and a cooler temperature applied during the ironing process than would be required for non-highlighted areas. This makes the timing very difficult because some hair is lightened right next to hair that is not lightened. A prior consultation with your stylist is necessary to determine if Thermal Reconditioning will be a good choice for those with highlighted hair.
What about bleach? Is this O.K.?
Not usually. Highlights often contain bleach so it is imperative you see your stylist before the treatment. They may want to cut some hair and test it to make sure there are no surprises.
Can clients use TR on hair previously treated with relaxer products containing Sodium Hydroxide?
No. The chemical ingredient in all Thermal Reconditioning products is thioglycolate or a derivative of glycolate. Sodium hydroxide and thioglycolate do not mix.
When I get the new growth re-touched, do they do all the hair again?

No, just the new growth is treated. The other hair is usually protected by using oil or conditioner so the solution will not saturate into the previously treated hair. If there is still curl or wave in the previously treated hair, the solution can be applied, but for a shorter period of time.

When I go back for the re-growth, does it cost less?
Not usually. The retouch is often more difficult, more delicate and there is more time involved to perform the retouch. Often the cost will be the same or more than the first treatment.

Questions About Caring For Your Hair

How do I take care of my hair after getting a GinaCurl?

You may think your service is complete once you leave the salon, but the procedure is not over. The hair still needs to absorb oxygen and will do so naturally through air oxidation. You can not shampoo your hair until three days after your GinaCurl. And you must stop the air oxidation and are required to shampoo, condition and comb through your hair on that third day to do so.

  • During those three day keep your hair scrunched and curly
  • You may need to spray your hair with water in the morning if you wake up and the hair is frizzy or flat.
  • Only use a curl cream and water mister in those three days.
  • No gels or edge control in the first three days
  • Refer to our shampoo and conditioning guide for shampoo instructions.
  • Do not wear a style that “creates tension” on the hair or along the hairline such as, ponytails and pullback for at least two weeks.
  • Do not use anything that will cause pressure on the hairline such as a tight cap or a hat for 2 weeks.
  • Do not swim in Chlorinated pools or salt water for at least two weeks
  • Do not color your hair for two weeks
  • Do not use Anti- Dandruff shampoo or baby shampoo, these may have the capability of breaking the disulfide bonds, thereby allowing the hair to revert back to its original state.
When can I shampoo my hair after getting a GinaCurl?

You may think your service is complete once you leave the salon, but the procedure is not over. The hair still needs to absorb oxygen and will do so naturally through air oxidation. You are required to shampoo, condition and comb through your hair three days after your GinaCurl. If you get your GinaCurl on Monday, then you must wash it on Thursday. It doesn’t matter what time of day. Although, we do not recommend ever sleeping with wet hair.

Can I flat iron my hair after getting a GinaCurl?

No, we don’t recommend direct heat. You can roller set, do twist outs, rods sets, braid outs. Keep in mind direct heat can cause natural hair to become heat damaged and straighten the hair so it can absolutely do the same to your GinaCurl. Also, if you decide to go against our recommendation and use direct heat, you may not notice any heat damage, but when we go in and service your retouch the bonds may have become broken and your ends will become limp and not hold a curl. If this happens there is not way to restore the damage and recurl those ends.

Can I use gel in my hair (e.g. EcoStyler) after getting the GinaCurl?

The only time we recommend gel, is when your hair is growing out and you may need something firmer to hold your natural curl from swelling and fizzing. We do not recommend sleeping with gel in your hair. So, if you want to use it please be sure to wash your hair before you go to sleep. Imagine if you left the gel in your hair and you perspire during the night, the gelled hair at the scalp will become wet and loosen while the rest is hard and stiff. The hair will break at that line of demarcation while you are twisting and turning in bed.

Will I be able to go swimming after getting my GinaCurl?

Absolutely! After your GinaCurl, please wait two weeks before going swimming (pool, lake, beach, etc.). Two weeks after your GinaCurl until your next appointment the rules stay the same:

Soak your hair with water and conditioner before swimming. After a day at the pool or beach be sure to wash, condition and comb through your hair. We also recommend our clients pack a small bottle of conditioner in their beach bag; this way you can add conditioner to your hair wherever you are, or go straight to happy hour without having to go back to your room. Just rinse your hair really well with clean water at the beach or pool shower and add your conditioner. Your curls will look as good as you do in your bathing suit!

Do I have to purchase Hair’s Talent products to maintain my hair?

No, you don’t have to, but we do recommend our top-quality products. We have our GinaCurl Replenishing Shampoo and GinaCurl Replenishing Treatment for Moisturizing. We also recommend Thearpispa Leave- in conditioner and Thearpispa Curl Cream. These products are concentrated and will last you up to 6 months, just in time for your next retouch. Remember you have decided to start a new healthy hair journey so we hope you continue with the best top shelf products that will love your hair as we do!

How long does the GinaCurl last?

The GinaCurl is permanent, so it will grow out. The majority of our clients come in every 6 months. The frequency depends upon the degree or your natural curl pattern, the rate of hair growth and how well you can work with the two textures. We can not do retouches before your 5th month.

Can I do the GinaCurl at home?

We absolutely do not recommend servicing the GinaCurl at home. This is a tedious, customized chemical process. Let’s not turn this into another kitchen relaxer. Home-jobs are usually done unwittingly by clients without the ability or products to troubleshoot,

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