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May 11, 2020

“The GinaCurl Hypnotizes Husbands”

     Ruth drove to us all the way from Virginia for her first Gina Curl. When she arrived we began speaking about her plans to travel home later. She had planned on driving back directly after her appointment. Initially, she had traveled over 6 hours to get to our salon, her GinaCurl took roughly 8 hours, and was followed by another 6+ hour drive. Some readers may say, “How is the GinaCurl worth it? Why should I spend a whole day traveling just to have my hair styled?”

     She’d told us how much she loves her family and how her kids and husband were of the utmost importance to her, but her efforts to impress her husband often go unnoticed whether it be a new dress, a new lipstick, a trim, etc. She also informed us that the last time she had left the kids with her husband overnight, they ended up at school with pajama bottoms on, and although groceries had been done, they were left on the counter for her to put away. Ruth, like many of our clients, is the glue that holds her family together and it was imperative she get back to them as soon as possible. As a working mom, she needs an environment she can unwind in, a style that looks great with minimal effort and has long lasting power.

     We can all relate to being needed, but we also relate to needing time for one’s self. When she finally returned to her family, her husband was bringing in the groceries, and she told us that with one look, he froze. After years of not giving the attention that was very well deserved, her husband was beside himself, and without breaking eye contact, started putting away their groceries. We love to hear stories like this from our clients in the salon and strive to be a place to relax while also making you feel at home with us. It was a great day here at the salon with Ruth and we are so happy with her results, give us a call so we can give you your best hair day ever!


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