Permanent Waves - Curl Treatments

Not born with curls? Could your hair use some body? Or maybe you're blessed with curls but you want to loosen them up a little. Well, at Hair's Talent Salon in  East Haven, we know curls! As the home of the GinaCurl, we have a lot of experience with adding and optimizing curls, in hair of all types and textures, and on clients of all ages.

Unleash the Power of Perms

While traditional perms are making a comeback, we've never stopped perfecting the art of creating gorgeous waves. Perms are becoming popular for young men and boys too as a way of giving their hairstyle some body. Perms, short for permanent waves, are a chemical treatment that alters the structure and texture of the hair. The key to achieving your desired look lies in the curling rod size as well as their placement and direction. Whether you're after tight curls, loose waves, or something in between, our expert stylists have got you covered.

  • Retouches are recommended every 3 months
  • Easy to maintain at home

Body Waves for Straight Hair

363794817 6682010928508395 7766414148688605086 nWe all know Hair’s Talent is known to specialize in textured, tight coiled hair BUT we also specialize in perming straight hair as well. Looking for natural-looking texture and body? Some loose S-shaped waves will help give you a wash and go hairstyle with a casual look. Body waves use larger rods to create loose curl patterns, perfect for those with straight hair. Adding just a little body to your hair can really help it hold a style, whether you add more curls with an iron, or pull hair up in a bun or ponytail.

Soft Curly Perms for Highly Textured Hair

Opt for a traditional perm to change up the shape of your curls. People with tighter curls can turn tight loops and coils into larger loops and waves. A perm is a great service for raising the hair's porosity level, laying down the cuticle, and allowing the hair to form a beautiful soft curl. For this young man's hair, a perm was the perfect solution for stretching his tight coils into looser curls for a no fuss wash-and-wear style.

Beach Wave Perms

Designed for hair of all lengths, this perm adds a tousled look that's perfect for those who crave a touch of sea-breeze charm.

Spiral Perms

Dial up the drama with our spiral perm – ideal for transforming long, straight hair into gorgeous curls and ringlets. On medium and short hair, spiral perms create volume, providing a stunning, voluminous look without the throwback frizz.

Perms for Men & Boys

We love perming men of all ages so that their hair looks natural and styles easily, making their daily styling routine a breeze. From natural looks to modern styles, we cater to all hair types, ensuring they leave with a confident and current look.

Hair Color for Permed Hair

"Can I still color my hair if I get a perm?" This is a common question, and a good one. If you have color treated hair, it may change our approach to your perm. Yes, we can do hair color for a perm, but we always put the health of your hair first. So we'll ask questions about your hair's recent chemical history and how often you think you might perm and/or color your hair in the near future.

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