Hair's Talent, Multi-Ethnic Hair Salon in East Haven, CT

The first multi-ethnic hair salon in Connecticut and home of the GinaCurl by Gina Rivera

Gina and her team of stylists are the ultimate source of knowledge when it comes to maintaining healthy hair, preserving length, and caring for your hair type and texture.

A passion for curls, kinks and coils - and growing healthy hair.

We know how important it is for you to maintain your growth, especially for curly girls who battle for every inch. that's why at Hair's Talent, we start with a Hair Care Prescriptive Plan.

We understand hair texture.

Gina has built a business by being a good listener - and a champion for girls with curls. Over and over, Gina's clients would tell their story. They wanted to wear their natural hair but their journey failed them. They tried various chemical treatments, from relaxers to keratin, and were always disappointed with the results. Traditional sodium hydroxide relaxers would leave their hair dry and brittle. Curly perms would over process their delicate hair, making it frizz or limp.

Gina knows that hair type 4B, 4C, and hair of mixed-race textures can be deceptive. We can't treat it like coarse hair and use the strongest chemicals! Curly hair can actually be fine, porous, and delicate. A harsh formula can damage curly hair and jeopardize health and precious length. That’s exactly why Gina created her GinaCurl product line and techniques!

Meet Hair's Talent Owner & Creator of GinaCurl

Gina Rivera is an accomplished hair stylist with decades of experience in the hair industry. Gina specializes in styling curly hair, coily hair, and hair of mixed textures. She opened Hair’s Talent Salon in 1985 and has continually trained her stylists on the best way to cut, style and treat type 4B and 4C hair. Her entire staff specializes in textured hair using Gina's techniques.

In 2012, Gina created the GinaCurl. In 2020, after years of research, Gina launched her own line of products, and in 2021 she opened up the GinaCurl Academy. GinaCurl has flipped the industry on its head, offering a safe and healthy chemical treatment for curly hair clients that looks natural and retains health and length.

Today, clients come to Hair's Talent Salon from as far away as New Zealand, France, Holland, England, Canada, South Africa and Sweden. Word spread and women everywhere wanted to try GinaCurl but not everyone could travel to Connecticut. In order to reach more women, Gina decided to educate stylists in the US, England, Canada, South Africa and Sweden to perform the GinaCurl service.

Read the full GinaCurl Story here.

"Dear Gina, thanks for all that you do for our community. You are truly a rare beautiful diamond in the rough and if you haven't heard it enough we love and appreciate your time and dedication you have put into making this GinaCurl. It almost brings me to tears that you took the time to study our hair and mastered the art of giving us another option that makes it longer, beautiful and still with that touch of love that makes it still look natural!! You rock and honestly deserve an Oscar of the hair awards for all that you do!!! Simply Bellissimo! Thank you Gina, can't wait to meet you! From my heart directly to yours!!!"

Meet the GinaCurl Staff at Hair's Talent Salon

A passion for people and hair unite Hair Talent's amazing staff. Meet Gina's dream team - her original GinaCurl Stylists. They have worked alongside Gina for years. They are specialists and help train and certify independent hair stylists on the GinaCurl technique. They specialize in all the GinaCurl signature services and are knowledgeable on application for ALL hair textures.

Giana at Hair's Talent Salon in East Haven CT


Liv at Hair's Talent Salon in East Haven CT






Can't make it to Hair's Talent Salon in East Haven CT?

Gina Rivera and the Hair's Talent Team may be able to travel to you. Learn more about how to Get a GinaCurl.

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