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First time and felt comfortable. Best cut ever! I got great advice as how to proceed. My hair feels and looks fantastic! Very fair and reasonable pricing! Will be a forever customer!!!
Salon Review
Thank you Gina so much, you listened to my concerns and adjusted my treatment and curl size and I am very happy with my hair, it’s healthy and very easy to take care of. You and your whole team are wonderful because you create a comfortable friendly professional environment where I feel you don’t just do what you want but you consider your clients feeling and then add all your expertise and years of experience with this process, thank you and your team for your patience humbleness and respect. I truly appreciate all of you.
Salon Review
Dear Gina, thanks for all that you do for our community. You are truly a rare beautiful diamond in the rough and if you haven't heard it enough we love and appreciate your time and dedication you have put into making this GinaCurl. It almost brings me to tears that you took the time to study our hair and mastered the art of giving us another option that makes it longer, beautiful and still with that touch of love that makes it still look natural!! You rock and honestly deserve an Oscar of the hair awards for all that you do!!! Simply Bellissimo! Thank you Gina, can't wait to meet you! From my heart directly to yours!!!
Salon Review
I have been going to Gina for the gina curl and changed up now to a thermal reconditioning. My hair is so happy and growing well since she has been caring for it. It started growing well with the GinaCurl and still keeps growing with Gina’s Thermal Reconditioning too. My hair is very soft, fluid and bouncy. I am so happy I discovered Gina. I wish I had known about her sooner, I fly from California to Connecticut twice a year just for her to do my hair. I will be traveling there next month in April for my thermal reconditioning touch up. Gina is very professional and kind. I have only good things to say nothing about Gina and her amazing staff. Keep up the good work Gina.
Salon Review
Lisa from St. Croix, US Virgin Islands
I have to tell you that Gina and her staff are AWESOME, people who say that Gina's Thermal Reconditioning cannot be done on African American hair don't know what they are talking about! (l am a 44 y.0. African American woman). Gina and her staff have taken the time to gather the expertise to do exactly that. They are life changing stylists and I guarantee if you give them an opportunity to work with you, you will not be disappointed! Gina, I LOVE my new hair and my GTR and your professionalism and that of your stylists and staff is exceptional. I may live in the Virgin Islands but I guarantee the care of my hair will stay in East Haven at Hair’s Talent.
Salon Review
Mareen C
Who would think that long, thick curly hair could be a burden? People were always surprised that I kept my hair braided.  Weekly I would hear ... If I had hair like that, I would let it fly free" or "If you are going to keep it braided, why don't you just  cut it? I was trapped with it for a long, and I was trapped with it braided. Unbraided would let it billow to twice my width. I  would literally get snagged on door knobs and stair railings. I would brush things off of table tops as I walked by. It would encroach into my peripheral vision and make me claustrophobic. I could not drive with it out of the braid. Combining it out was an hour long event each day. Even braided, it would snarl. Combing had to be methodical or it would billow out of control. I couldn't think of cutting it. The weight from the length kept it flowing in a downward direction. The braid was the way to tame it. When my hair was shoulder length or shorter, each night I had to use an ace bandage wrapped around my head to keep it from the 1960s mega afro. Shorter hair would give me a granny perm look. I never complained out loud to people. There are so many people with greater burdens. But I have to say that Gina's Thermal Reconditioning has changed my life. For two weeks I was in disbelief. I kept thinking it wasn't possible. I was sure it was temporary. The results gave me hair as smooth and as shiny as glass. It was beyond my expectations. My hope was that it would give me some control. I expected it to be like other things I had tried. Past methods would straighten my hair like a crumpled piece of paper after you pull it back up. It would lay flat but it would still be crinkled. It has been over two months, and it is still smooth and shiny. My poetic friend Bonnie says, "It cascades down your back like an Ebony River". I can't thank Hair's Talent enough for this incredible accomplishment. Gina worked for seven and half hours to make this transformation happen. Looking back on that day makes me laugh. They didn’t know what to think of my reaction. I only had a slight smile. I can only say I must have been in shock and disbelief. I remember saying to myself as I pulled away in my car, “please don't wake up now." The next time I saw them, they knew I was thrilled. I had tears of joy in my eyes.