Gina's Thermal Reconditioning

Exclusively at Hair's Talent Salon, available only when performed by Gina Rivera or daughter, Giana

Gina has been performing Thermal Reconditioning since 1998 when not many people were familiar with it. She has mastered this technique and now has her own line. She has passed her talent on to her daughter, Giana, who also performs Gina’s Thermal Reconditioning at Hair's Talent Salon in East Haven, Connecticut.

Thermal Reconditioning is also known as Thermal Hair Straightening or Japanese Hair Straightening. This professional in-salon treatment uses a thio-based chemical and heat to permanently restructure the hair’s protein bond in order to reduce frizz, straighten curly or wavy hair, while improving the softness, shine, and manageability.

Benefits of Thermal Reconditioning

Gina’s Thermal Reconditioning (TR) is a safer, gentler alternative to other straightening systems for permanently straight, silky hair. With Thermal Reconditioning, you have the option to transform your curly, wavy, frizzy hair into straight, soft, silky and frizz-free hair with little work required at-home. If you are a straight hair addict, then this is your golden ticket! The overall reason for amazing healthy results are because the hair will need less heat and manipulation to process, which means less damaged.

  • Permanently transforms curly hair
  • Reduces frizz
  • Increases softness and shine
  • Dramatically reduce blow dry time

Gina's Thermal Reconditioning Results

Styling Your Hair After Gina's Thermal Reconditioning

Hair will be straight. The results vary depending on your hair, some clients may be straight right out of the shower and not need to blow dry. Others may need to blowdry with a paddle brush or fingers to get it super straight. Some may need the help of a flat iron for silky smooth results. For polished look, quickly slide the iron on the hair in big sections (3-5 minutes) and the hair will look polished and stays straight and frizz-free. If you need to blowdry your hair, you'll definitely notice a lot less time is needed. Some clients have gone from 45 minutes to 5-8 minutes. 

What is the Thermal Reconditioning Process?

TR includes a four-step process, a flat-ironing segment and continuous infusion of proteins/conditioners into the hair. First, a straightening solution is applied and removed when the hair reaches its optimal elastic state. Second, quarter-inch sections of hair are meticulously flat-ironed throughout the head. This process simultaneously straightens and repairs each hair. Third, a chemical neutralizer is applied to “set” the hair in its straight configuration. Fourth, the hair is rinsed, blown dry and flat-ironed to a straight, glossy finish. The entire process can take an average of 3-4 hours. Extremely tenacious, thick, long hair could take longer to complete. TR styling looks the best on one length hair. Consider growing out your layers. 

NOTE: TR requires a lot of training. This process is very tricky and can give incredible results when done properly or damage the hair beyond belief if done wrong. As long as the technician is very skilled in TR, you will not have a problem. Only Hair's Talent stylists are trained and certified to perform Gina’s Thermal Reconditioning. Gina's certified students around the globe are not.

How long will Gina's Thermal Reconditioning last?

TR is a permanent straightening service. The hair will remain straight until it grows out. It will need to be re-touched every five to eight months, depending on the natural curl pattern and how quickly your hair grows.

How much does Gina's Thermal Reconditioning cost?

The treatment starts at $650 and will vary depending on length and density.

Gina's Thermal Reconditioning Retouch

As hair grows in, we treat just the new growth. Previously treated hair is protected with GinaCurl Protection so the GinaCurl Reformer will not saturate into the previously treated hair. If there is still curl or wave in the previously treated hair, the Curl Reformer can be applied, but for a shorter period of time. The retouch is often more difficult, more delicate and there is more time involved to perform the retouch. Often the cost will be the same or more than the first treatment.

Can I get Thermal Reconditioning just once, and then have curls grow back? What does the hair look like in transition?
Yes. You can get Thermal Reconditioning once and have your curls grow back. But keep in mind that as the new growth emerges, you’ll notice a contrast between the treated hair and your natural re-growth. At this point you have multiple choices: You can let it grow out naturally Switch to Gina’s Straight Variation, Cut off the hair that was treated with Gina's Thermal Reconditioning.

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