Gina's Straight Variation

When naturally curly hair has a mind of its own, Gina's Straight Variation keeps it in line.

Gina's Straight Variation smooths the hair while improving the hair’s feel, softness and shine and making it more manageable to style your hair with ease. Formaldehyde-FREE formula that delivers permanent results!

What is Gina's Straight Variation?

Chemical hair straightening is not a new concept. For a while, the permanent straightening treatments were overshadowed by the popularity of temporary frizz fighting treatments. Then came the debate over Formaldehyde and health concerns for both the client and the stylist. The market shifted towards alternative formulations to offer a formaldehyde-free solution but the performance was disappointing. Clients were experiencing nothing more than a conditioning treatment without the formaldehyde.

More than ever, clients are returning to what works!

Benefits of Gina's Straight Variation

Gina's Straight Variation is not permanent stick straight hair, and it goes beyond fighting frizz! Gina's Straight Variation removes curl and gives you to more flexible styling options. Results are permanent, you'll go 5 to 6 months before new growth should be treated.

Before Straight Variation After Straight Variation
  • Hair is curly, frizzy, hard to handle
  • Hair easily tangles
  • Hair takes 40 min to dry, plus 30 min with a flat iron
  • Hair looks dull and dry
  • Hair still swell up in humidity and heat.
  • Hair is relaxed, no more tangles
  • Hair is full of bounce without the frizz
  • Hair dries in under 15 minutes
  • Hair looks shiny and healthy
  • Styles last longer, even in heat and humidity

Is Gina's Straight Variation a Reverse Perm?

Is this just a formaldehyde-based perm? No. The Straight Variation is a thioglycolate-based perm and it is permanent, unlike a Keratin treatment. It's different from Gina’s Thermal Reconditioning as it does not implement the use of heat compression (i.e. flat iron) so the cuticle layer doesn’t smooth down flat. The Straight Variation restructures the hair molecules to reduce frizz and volume, making the hair softer, quick and easier to style. Your hair will also retain its elasticity keeping some volume to your hair.

It's a two-step process. First the thioglycolate is applied to soften the bonds of the hair. Hair is then washed with Gina’s Balancing Shampoo, followed by her uniquely formulated neutralizer (which has a nice, fresh fragrance) for a 15 minutes before a final trip to the sink. Then hair is blowed dry. You will already feel the difference in the hair, the brush glides right through it, no tugging and no tangles. Curly hair is smooth, manageable and remains soft and moisture balanced.

Gina's Straight Variation vs Brazilian Blowout

The Straight Variation permanently texturizers the hair by physically changing its structure. Brazilian blowout and other keratin smoothing treatments temporarily coat the hair with keratin which help weigh the hair down to relax the curl tendency and smooth frizz. Brazilian Blow Dry treatment effects generally wash out after 90 days. So, you must visit a salon often to re-coat the hair with this method. Brazilian Blow Dry treatments may contain hazardous chemicals that release highly carcinogenic gas during the processing.

Already had a Keratin Treatment?

Some clients ask about alternating between types of treatments. We can do everything we can for a successful GinaCurl over a keratin treatment but because we don’t really know the product or the technique that was used the success of the GinaCurl may be questionable. We can customize the strength of the formula and use one for the roots versus the previously keratin treated hair. Keep in mind, it is protein-based and hair that's over-proteinized can be brittle and break.

How can I style my hair after a Straight Variation?
You can blow-dry and flat iron your hair if you would like a polished and styled look. We recommend using a flat iron at a low temperature. When your new growth comes in, work in small sections and flat iron just the new growth at roots. Then take 5 of those sections (work in bigger sections) and flat iron the Straight Variation treated hair. What would have taken you 1 hour to do will now take 20 minutes to do. You can also wear your hair in protective styles.

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