GinaCurl - no ordinary curl reformer!

Break Up with Your Wigs & Weaves!


If you're relying on wigs and extensions to cover up your hair because your natural hair journey has failed you, GinaCurl will set you free. It's the healthier alternative to soft curly perms, relaxers and texturizers, and a low-maintenance way to rock your curls and coils.

  • Easy comb outs
  • Less shedding
  • No knots and tangles
  • Grow longer and stronger hair
  • No harsh smells, just lasting results

Finally, a gentler alternative to traditional curly perms, relaxers and texturizers!

What is GinaCurl?

GinaCurl is revolutionary treatment for clients with lots of curls and coils, and hair of mixed textures. Unlike other chemical texture treatments, GinaCurl is specifically formulated for tightly coiled and curly hair and is easily customized for varying curl patterns and mixed porosity levels using a technique that gives attention to every strand so that hair looks equally fabulous all over. It's the healthier alternative when you want to soften and stretch your curls, smooth or permanently straightening your hair. It eliminates tangling, reduces frizz and excess volume, and best of all, it helps preserve your new length.

And unlike any other curl treatment, with GinaCurl you can go from Curl Reformer to Straight Variation and back again!

Gina Curl Hair's Talent Salon East Haven CT
Gina Curl Hair's Talent Salon East Haven CT

Who is Gina?

Learn more about Gina Rivera and learn why a white woman dedicated a decade to creating gentler, healthier treatments for African American hair and hair of mixed textures. It started with an early admiration for curly hair, followed by compassion for her clients who struggled to grow and maintain their length. Her experience guided her to treat curly hair types 4B and 4C with extreme care and gentler formulations, an approach that was in stark contrast to the rest of the hair industry.

How is GinaCurl Unique?

We adjust our approach to protect your hair. Most clients have a natural mix of textures and varying porosity levels from past chemical treatments. The longer the hair, the more layers of complexity.

Your roots require a stronger chemical because virgin hair is resistant. But hair that's been chemically altered has a higher porosity level which requires a gentler formula. As we work our way down and around the head, we analyze and adapt.

This customized work takes time, and experience that only a GinaCurl stylist would have. GinaCurl is not a Jheri Curl, a Nuwave, or soft curly perm. GinaCurl is a modern curl treatment developed with compassion for curls and coils, and with over a decade of research.

GinaCurl technique avoids overprocessing
Available in the US
GinaCurl Stylists Around the Globe
Happy Clients Worldwide

From soft, predictable curls to smooth and straight,

Grow The Look You've Always Wanted

GinaCurl curl reformer

The Curl Reformer

Easy-to-manage, easy-to-maintain, carefree curls.

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GinaCurl straight variation

The Straight Variation

Soft, smooth, shiny hair with reduced frizz and volume.

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hair's talent home of the ginacurl curl reformer East Haven CT

Road Trip!

Bring GinaCurl to Your Salon

Do you have a group of 6+ people who'd like to get a GinaCurl service? We'll come to you. Learn what's required when we travel to your location, how are travel expenses are covered, and how the host receives a 25% discount.


GinaCurl for Men

When it comes to maintaining their good looks, men want easy! For a day to day look, they refuse to make a fuss. Most of all, they want their hair to look natural. GinaCurl gives him more control of his curls and, if he prefers a short style, makes a great foundation for a graphic cut.

ginacurl for men

GinaCurl Clients Love Their Results!

Several months - even several years after getting a GinaCurl- our clients are still happy with the texture and look of their hair. Most client return for a retouch on their new growth. We even have some clients on their 26th GinaCurl!!

What chemicals are used in GinaCurl?

The main chemical ingredient in Gina's GinaCurl chemical services is thioglycolate.

Gina worked for years with her chemist to come up with the perfect blend of compounds to create this special one of its kind formula which works wonders. GinaCurl consists of 3 different curl reforming chemical strengths along with GinaCurl Protection and a GinaCurl LPP. Between the 5 different products we are able to create 22 different chemical strengths to adapt to the porosity levels down the hair shaft.

The mixture is different for each person. For example, the curl reforming solution generally contains 5-15% of thioglycolic compound. On high porosity hair, we'll use a milder mixture. On virgin hair or hair that is more resistant, we'll use a stronger mixture.

Gina’s Curl Reformer contains other key ingredients. Alkaline substances are used to give the desired strength. Detergents are used to help the solution “wet/adhere” to the hair more easily and make penetration more uniform. Chelating agents (metal binding agents) are used to remove metals like iron and copper. These metals can make the solution turn purple or green and give the hair a distinct odor. Conditioning ingredients, such as proteins, emollients and polymers are also important, as they help protect hair during the straightening process and keep it manageable. And of course a pleasant fragrance is added.