Home Care After Gina's Straight Variation

Congratulations, your service is complete, although the procedure is not over yet! You will be leaving our salon with your hair still air neutralizing. Your hair needs to absorb more oxygen and will do so naturally through air neutralization. This means that your hair is still processing and it is important to handle it properly during the first three days!

Once you're home, it's important that you thoroughly wash behind your ears, shoulders, neck, chest & back to remove any possible product that may have leaked- avoiding any irritation or reactions/burns.


Once you leave the salon it is imperative that you do not brush your hair, tuck your hair behind your ears or stretch your hair in any way for 48 to 72 hours. This will allow your hair to completely neutralize into the current shape and gives your hair time to become entirely completed. Please do not use clips, pins, metal clips and clips with teeth, rubber bands, barrettes, clip ins, pony tails, brush, comb, finger detangle or pullbacks for three days.

It is crucial you give it 48 to 72 hours for your hair to set properly. If you extend that timeline, and/or wash too early the hair can result in over and/or underprocessed. Do not risk it!

While sleeping: A satin pillowcase and/or satin bonnet is perfect!

Repeat: During the first three days- Do not use clips, pins, metal clips, and clips with teeth, rubber bands, barrettes, clip ins, pony tails, brush, comb, finger detangle or pullbacks! Do not use anything that “causes pressure/tension” on the hair such as, tight cap, hat or scarf for the first three days!

Now that your three days are up and you are ready to wash your hair. Make sure you are always using our wash technique:  Shampoo, rinse, Shampoo, rinse, then Condition, rinse!

First two weeks after Gina's Straight Variation:

● Wait two weeks before coloring your Straight Variation or Thermal Straightening
● Wait two weeks before applying any clip-ins
● Wait two weeks before going into salt or chlorine water
● Wait two weeks before trying any specific hair styles that involve elastic bands, pony tails and any slick pullbacks
● Wait a MONTH before any protective styles

Shampoo and Styling Techniques

● Do NOT shower with hot water on your Straight Variation/Thermal, always use warm water. 
 ● Do NOT use an anti-dandruff shampoo or baby shampoo, these may have the capabilities of drying, stripping and breaking the altered disulfide bonds, thereby allowing the hair to revert back to its original state.

Wash days should be every 3-4 days!

Soak your hair while you are in the shower for at least five minutes to get the water to penetrate the hair shaft. Shampoo with our GINACURL Replenishing Shampoo to your scalp first, scrub-lift – scrub-lift—do not rub the scalp and scrub in circular motion this will cause knotting and tangling. Rinse, rinse and rinse well. Add shampoo again- this time you are going to work in a downward motion. Down the hair shaft. Your first shampoo is to LIFT- any dirt and oils from the scalp/hair, and your second shampoo is to CLEANSE- the scalp and hair. Next, rinse again. Wring the water out of your hair to the best of your ability. If you leave your hair soaking it will hinder the conditioner from really penetrating the hair's cortex layer. Add conditioner with our GINACURL Replenishing Treatment, by using a wide tooth comb and comb through. Make sure to get into those roots with your wide tooth comb. Allow the conditioner to stay in your hair for 5-10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

LEAVE IN CONDITIONERS are the ONLY conditioners that should be left in your hair.

Lastly, use a towel or t-shirt to blot your hair by taking out any moisture left in the hair. Our GINACURL Replenishing
Treatment is a great deep conditioning product that you can leave in your hair for 1-3 hours for your weekly moisture
treatments! For best results, you can apply it to your hair thoroughly and sit under a head dryer or steamer. Make sure to
rinse it out completely. This product is not meant to be left in your hair overnight. Conditioners are not meant to be left in
the hair overnight. This can cause matting and extreme shedding.

We also recommend performing a monthly protein treatment. This should ONLY be done once a month and left in the hair for 45 minutes. You will first shampoo, rinse, shampoo, rinse, condition, rinse. Towel blot the hair and apply your protein treatment in sections. Apply on the ends first and let it sit ONLY on the ends for the first 15 minutes. Once the first 15 minutes are completed, you can then apply all over. For best results, apply a cap and go under a steamer and/or a head dryer. This should be done on damp hair and it must be conditioned out. Do not exceed the processing time. Do not sleep with any protein products in your hair!

When you're styling your hair, first apply our Semi Di Lino All-In-One fluid to the hairline, crown and nape area as your Leave-In. Work it into your hair and then separate the hair at the crown and work down the front, sides and back. Once that is applied, it is important to blow dry your hair with a nozzle. Proceed with small sections. Once you are ready for straightening, a great tip would be to use a higher temperature at the roots and a lower temperature on the ends. Your ends are the oldest section of hair and it's always a good idea to go light on any manipulation on the ends.


Your hair naturally sheds 50-100 strands a day. With this information, it is important to make sure you are
shampooing and conditioning your hair as explained every 3-4 days. If you exceed 3-4 days, that 50-100 strands a day will multiply even more. When combing your hair with conditioner in the shower, be sure to use a wide tooth comb. No brushes. Brushes are far too aggressive, especially when the hair is wet. When detangling, make sure you are getting into your roots, even when your regrowth comes in. No finger detangling. It may be difficult for the last few months of your Straight Variation/Thermal due to your regrowth. This is when you will need to have much more patience with your hair. This means you will be sectioning it more when handling the hair and taking your time when detangling. Where the two textures meet- the line of demarcation is very fragile. It is important you do not neglect your regrowth by only treating your Straight Variation/Thermal hair. This can create extreme matting and damage.

Also, do not sleep with an excessive amount of products in your hair. You do not want to go to sleep with products, this will create product build up which will result in breakage and excessive shedding. This also goes for color. Color build up can  create the same issues if not rinsed out thoroughly enough.

The last few months may be difficult with the two textures and you may have the urge to invest in a protective style. Braids are fine for NO more than 1-2 weeks. Remember, you must be washing your hair every 3-4 days.

Do & Do Not

● Perform moisture treatments weekly. This can be done by applying our GC Replenishing Treatment after thoroughly washing your hair
● Perform protein treatments monthly
● Do not overuse protein products. This can result in protein build up and create breakage!!
● Do not wear a style that “creates tension” on the hair or along the hairline such as, ponytails and pullbacks for more than 3 days MAX! When a client has chemicals in the hair, it allows the hair to become easily manipulated. It's important to change up the hair styles this way the hair does not adapt to any specific style and cause manipulation. In some cases, the curls can become weak and too loose after too much tension is worked on the hair!
● If you are do not want to transfer to a GC, you CAN use heat on your hair SV/Thermal

● Overnight or daily twists or braid outs are fine
● A roller set is fine, under the dryer (low heat)

● Clip extensions are fine. Do NOT sleep with your clip-ins. No tape in, clamp extensions, or track installments.
● Oils are OKAY. Even though oils provide moisture, it locks out moisture as well. Make sure to use your oils as the last product you use in your routine. Apply the midshaft to ends. Stay away from your roots. For our clients who would like to continue using oils- it is a MUST to shampoo your hair with Clarifying Shampoo ONCE a month
● Keep a hair history! It is so important to know exactly what you are using in your hair and when. Please keep track of anything you color your hair with, peroxide level, and anything else you are chemically treating your hair with
● DO NOT sleep with Conditioner, Custards, Putty, Lock Cream, Oil or Masks in your hair! Directions MUST specify that you can LEAVE-IN
● Do NOT sleep with ponytails, braids, or bands
● Do NOT sleep with wet hair!
● Stay away from harsh gels and moose
● ONLY use a wide tooth comb when combing through your hair, we don’t recommend a microfiber brush that is designed to “detangle” natural hair


Do not swim in chlorinated pools or salt water for at least two weeks after your Straight Variation/Thermal. After the two weeks make sure you are soaking your hair with fresh water and leave-in conditioner before you enter the pool or salt water. Bring a spray/water bottle to be prepared.


Do not color your hair for two weeks. If you do, your hair may react in a way which cannot be predicted and may revert back and/or over process. After the two weeks it is recommended to use deposit color, stains, semi and/or demi permanent. If you choose to use permanent hair dye, make sure you or your stylist is using nothing higher than 20 volume developer or peroxide. Anything higher can increase your porosity levels.

Great care needs to be taken when coloring chemically treated hair. Your hair might look healthy to your color technician but your hair has been chemically altered. It is imperative that you inform the color technician that your hair has been chemically altered before a color service. If you are using a permanent hair dye make sure when you go in for your retouches, you or your stylist does not “freshen” up your ends with your root color. If it is desired, have you/stylist use a semi-permanent color on your ends for 10 minutes to boost your color.

We do not perform the SV/Thermal on highlight or lowlighted hair.

If you have a THERMAL, you can NOT transfer to a GinaCurl. If you have a SV, you CAN transfer to a GinaCurl- only if you have not used ANY HEAT ON YOUR SV. This means, during your SV you have only performed roller sets, twist outs, braid outs and air dry. If you apply any HEAT TO YOU SV, you CAN NOT transfer to a GinaCurl.

Thank You for choosing Hair’s Talent for your GinaCurl process.
Don’t hesitate to call or email with any questions:
203. 466. 1246
All recommendations have been reflected on past experiences. Please make sure you are following every instruction. If you
(client) do not follow our instructions, we can not guarantee a successful GinaCurl. For that reason, we (Hair’s Talent GC 
stylist) are not liable.