Therapispa Wash Day Slip Detangler – 8 fl oz



This is your first step to a wonderful wash day. It effectively forms a protecting film onto hair fibers to shield from washing and further damage, leaving you with luscious, healthy locks. It nourishes and hydrates -leaving hair soft, silky, and ultra-manageable in one use. The highly-concentrated balm helps to hydrate, soften, silken, detangle, and protect.

Before cleansing, apply on very wet curls in sections. Use your fingers to gently detangle from the bottom up. After detangling, don’t rinse. Follow with your regular cleanser. Scrub in and out as usual. Rinse out both Wash Day Slip Detangler and your cleanser. Condition and style as usual.

“For less tugging, ‘finger walk’ to get through more difficult tangles by using your index finger and thumb to work the tangle down to the end of the hair.”

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