Complete GinaCurl Aftercare Kit



This kit includes our FAVORITE GinaCurl products. Replenish your curls with our GinaCurl Replenishing Shampoo (always shampoo 2x during washes) & Treatment at least 2x a week. Once you get out of the shower, use the Therapispa All-in-One Moisturizing Milk for all day hydration, followed by the Curl Defining Cream to stimulate, invigorate, and refine your curls. Once dry, use a few spritzes of Semi-Di Lino Cristalli Spray to add shine and help polish curls, avoid crunch, and fluff without generating frizz. Use Therapispa Slip De-Tangler to make maintaining your new root growth easier, and avoid snagging while de-tangling. Finally clarify once a month with our Therapispa Clarifying Cool Shampoo to prevent any product buildup on the scalp.

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