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"I have been going to Gina for the gina curl and changed up now to a thermal reconditioning. My hair is so happy and growing well since she has been caring for it. It started growing well with the GinaCurl and still keeps growing with Gina’s Thermal Reconditioning too. My hair is very soft, fluid and bouncy. I am so happy I discovered Gina. I wish I had known about her sooner, I fly from California to Connecticut twice a year just for her to do my hair. I will be traveling there next month in April for my thermal reconditioning touch up. Gina is very professional and kind. I have only good things to say nothing about Gina and her amazing staff. Keep up the good work Gina."

Sherlyn from California

I got my first GinaCurl in June 2021 and I have been hooked ever since!

"I really enjoy the healthy hair salon experience and the way Gina and her entire staff make you feel like a VIP with every appointment. After going 3 times already, I look forward to going back for my 4th, 5th, and so on. My hair has retained length and as a busy mom, managing my hair has been a breeze. I am so happy I found this salon and would recommend it to anyone looking for a healthy hair option that is also professional and genuine. Thank you Gina and staff for giving me healthy and manageable hair! I'm a lifetime customer now! No one else can touch my hair."

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Uncover East Haven's Hair Styling Secrets: Top 3 Salons to Visit

Hair's Talent, located in Connecticut, is a renowned salon specializing in the innovative Gina Curl, a unique hair treatment designed for Afrocentric and non-Afrocentric hair. Led by Gina, an exceptionally talented and versatile cosmetologist, the salon offers transformative services that turn multi-hour hair days into mere minutes. Clients praise Gina's deep understanding of hair complexities and her ability to make hair soft, manageable, and stunningly beautiful. Known for her professionalism and friendly nature, Gina and her team create a welcoming environment that has clients traveling from far and wide for her services. The salon's commitment to long-term hair care and their non-damaging treatments have earned them a loyal customer base and high praise in the industry.

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Safer Than Relaxers: Next-Gen Straightener and Curly Perm ‘GinaCurl’ Is Breaking the Status Quo

The link between hair relaxers and uterine cancer suggested by a recent study and lawsuit is potentially devastating news. But it highlights another problem: the scarcity of safer chemical alternatives for afro-textured hair. Veteran hairstylist and textured hair educator, Gina Rivera, is setting a new standard with the GinaCurl—a safer, gentler, next-generation alternative to traditional relaxers, curly perms, and texturizers.

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"I’ve never put any chemicals in my hair, I’ve been natural my whole life! But I was looking for a way to maintain my coils while enjoying some stretch + manageability with my busy schedule, and I found/scheduled my GinaCurl the same day! It came out so beautiful, thank you Gina (and my stylist, Giana!)"

Gina's Straight Variation is the first treatment that has given me the texture and style I've been looking for.

"Staff is so friendly!! 100% happy with the way my hair looks after my first retouch. I used to have super tight curls that were getting difficult to manage and nothing else worked (keratin, Brazilian, etc.). Gina's Straight Variation is the first treatment that has given me the texture and style I've been looking for. I recommend this to anyone looking for a hair relaxer!!"


"Hair’s Talent/ GinaCurl I call it miracle hands, my daughter and I had a great experience. They exceeded our expectations, I wish I discovered it years ago, but thank God we have now, we are going back every 6month. Now the salon is beautiful and Gina and her ladies are very welcoming, I highly highly recommend this place. I will come back and write another review since I am still in shock at how beautiful and gorgeous and soft curls my hair is right now. I am short of words, so I will update or write another review when I calm down. Gina’s GinaCurls are wonderful. My daughter and I love our curls so much !"

I have been a client of Gina's for 16 wonderful years

"...and I have only the highest praise for Gina and the people who work for her. They are a family and they treat their customers like family. I trust Gina with my hair and one week-ago she encouraged me to get her Gina’s Straight Variation. This African American woman loves her hair! Why did I wait so long? It is 1000 times better than the traditional African American perms! There is no hair breakage and your hair will feel like silk. If you want healthy, straight and silky hair--Call Gina ASAP!”

"I have to tell you that Gina and her staff are AWESOME, people who say that Gina's Thermal Reconditioning cannot be done on African American hair don't know what they are talking about! (l am a 44 y.0. African American woman). Gina and her staff have taken the time to gather the expertise to do exactly that. They are life changing stylists and I guarantee if you give them an opportunity to work with you, you will not be disappointed! Gina, I LOVE my new hair and my GTR and your professionalism and that of your stylists and staff is exceptional. I may live in the Virgin Islands but I guarantee the care of my hair will stay in East Haven at Hair’s Talent"

Lisa, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

"I’m back home in the heat (thank goodness!), but I had to write and let you know how much I LOVE my hair!! It’s even more beautiful than I imagined ahead of my appointment. I don’t think I have the words to truly express how excited I am about my GinaCurl, but hopefully the smile in the attached pic tells the story! Thank you for your kindness and professionalism yesterday, and THANK YOU for this beautiful head of curls!!"


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"I have a GinaCurl and love it!! I used to spend more on weaves and products. It used to take me 5 to 6 hours to do my natural hair now I'm in and out of my house in 15 minutes. I get so many compliments all the time. I've had other 4C women say to me that they wish they had my curl pattern, I would love to wear my hair out as well. Well newsflash, I did have 4C hair.... lol...but now I'm at GinaCurl girl for life. I love my new here lifestyle!!"


My wash days have been cut down to 45 minutes

"Since I got my GinaCURL my wash days have been cut down to washing and deep conditioning in 45 minutes! I love my GinaCurl and I receive so many compliments on how pretty my curls are!!! My hair has flourished since getting my GinaCURL and I can’t wait to get my retouch soon!!!"

Tasha S

"Hi Gina! It's Angela, your biggest fan from New Jersey! Miya and I love our hair and cannot thank you enough for transforming us!!!! It was sooo nice to meet you in person after following you on YouTube for years! You, your beautiful daughter Giana and the rest of your staff are amazing and we love you all! Love you Gina and we wish you huge success in your future endeavors with GinaCurl! God Bless you."

Anjela S

"Who would think that long, thick curly hair could be a burden? People were always surprised that I kept my hair braided.  Weekly I would hear ... If I had hair like that, I would let it fly free" or "If you are going to keep it braided, why don't you just  cut it? I was trapped with it for a long, and I was trapped with it braided. Unbraided would let it billow to twice my width. I  would literally get snagged on door knobs and stair railings. I would brush things off of table tops as I walked by. It would encroach into my peripheral vision and make me claustrophobic. I could not drive with it out of the braid. Combining it out was an hour long event each day. Even braided, it would snarl. Combing had to be methodical or it would billow out of control. I couldn't think of cutting it. The weight from the length kept it flowing in a downward direction. The braid was the way to tame it. When my hair was shoulder length or shorter, each night I had to use an ace bandage wrapped around my head to keep it from the 1960s mega afro. Shorter hair would give me a granny perm look. I never complained out loud to people. There are so many people with greater burdens. But I have to say that Gina's Thermal Reconditioning has changed my life. For two weeks I was in disbelief. I kept thinking it wasn't possible. I was sure it was temporary. The results gave me hair as smooth and as shiny as glass. It was beyond my expectations. My hope was that it would give me some control. I expected it to be like other things I had tried. Past methods would straighten my hair like a crumpled piece of paper after you pull it back up. It would lay flat but it would still be crinkled. It has been over two months, and it is still smooth and shiny. My poetic friend Bonnie says, "It cascades down your back like an Ebony River". I can't thank Hair's Talent enough for this incredible accomplishment. Gina worked for seven and half hours to make this transformation happen. Looking back on that day makes me laugh. They didn’t know what to think of my reaction. I only had a slight smile. I can only say I must have been in shock and disbelief. I remember saying to myself as I pulled away in my car, “please don't wake up now." The next time I saw them, they knew I was thrilled. I had tears of joy in my eyes."

- Mareen C

"I had a GinaCurl done in Connecticut several years ago, and I’m so grateful that Gina trained stylists around the globe."


I love my hair!!

"I'm on my third GinaCurl and it's the best decision I've made for my hair!! In the past I've tried wave nouveau, and waves by design essentials and I can contest that the Gina curl is different! I am speaking from experience, my hair looks different, it's not greasy, it doesn't stink lol, it feels healthier because it is healthier! I am retaining more than I did with any other curly perm. I'm so grateful for Gina and her service."


"Finally received my 1St GinaCurl retouch after 6 months! I love it even more than the first time. I know you guys are probably tired of me posting about it, but it has literally changed my hair life!! From 30 minutes of just curling iron in the morning to 6 minutes water spray, leave in conditioner, curl cream and out the door! Thank you Gina and Staff!! So happy I stumbled on this website while searching what to do with my hair.

"I had the pleasure of flying out to shadow Miss Gina for two days and her salon a few months ago gaining knowledge and techniques. The staff is very friendly and I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking about business and talking about our hair industry and special life moments with Miss Gina. What a wonderful experience! Thank you so much for taking out the time that you poured into me!


"Since I got my GinaCURL my wash days have become been cut down to wash and deep condition in 45 minutes! I love my GinaCURL and I receive so many compliments on how pretty my curls are!!! My hair has flourished since getting my GinaCURL and I can’t wait to get my retouch soon!!!"

Tasha S

Black Hair Matters at Gina’s Hair Talent in East Haven, Ct.

Having done extensive research online, desperately searching for a solution to my hair needs, I found a hair care specialist named Gina, at a shop called “Hair’s Talent” all the way in East Haven, Connecticut. Making the decision to travel the distance came after reading about Gina’s history of hair care for all cultures, and she being the “first and only white woman” who cared greatly about the healthiness of the hair of women of color, from the 1970’s until today, from perms to the extinction of Jheri Curls. My first concerns were that this might be the old Jheri Curl of days gone by, but I was intrigued by what I read in her “HISTORY” and seeing the evidence of her work. Gina, a woman who looked at the problems women of color faced with hair loss due to chemical processing, took the time and made the effort to come up with a successful method of maintaining the healthiness of our hair with chemical processing. She, the one and only hair care specialist, created a method that results in beautiful, bouncing, easily manageable and continuously growing hair that lasts for an extended period of time. Why are other women of color making negative references toward a “white” woman who could have chosen to maintain the status quo, but who stepped out of the cultural norm, who CARED, who ANALYZED, who CREATED A METHOD to SAVE OUR HAIR! Gina, at Hair’s Talent is so appropriately named...her “TALENT” for taking care of ALL HAIR is not limited to one culture, but all cultures across the globe from Africa to Europe, from the East Coast to the West Coast we travel to put our hair in the care of this “GIFTED” hair care specialist, Gina, who is now sharing her GIFT with other beauticians. I have chosen the GinaCurl, which is NOT the same as a Jheri Curl or any other curl which I have had!
The Gina Curl is a Gina CREATION, and her gift of a style that is beautiful, versatile, healthy, continuously growing, and manageable hair. I can say from my experience that at Hair’s Talent “Black Hair Matters” and we women of color should embrace and not hate this “white” woman who cares about our hair!!!

Theodora A

"When I returned home with my new GinaCurl, my husband took one look and froze. He couldn't take his eyes off me and he even put away the groceries!"

Ruth, Virginia

More than just a hairdo...

"It’s been a long year and a half since I’ve gotten my last GinaCurl. During that time, I was involved in a relationship that was physically, mentally, financially, and emotionally abusive. My ex had massive control over my self-esteem and made me believe that I was not beautiful wearing my natural hair, among other things. The fact of the matter though, was that he noticed how good I looked and felt with my GinaCurl. As a result, he would get jealous and violent that people constantly complimented me on my hair.

A few months ago when he saw that I submitted a GinaCurl consultation, he stole my bank cards, took my laptop, and pulled hard, until he ripped out a chunk of my hair. That was the last straw! That was the day I decided it was over!

Today, I am so happy to be a domestic violence survivor! I was able to go into shelter and seek counseling which has led me to reflect on my life and on the service I received at Hair’s Talent. I share my story with you to let you know that your services mean more to me than just a hairdo. My GinaCurl was my way of feeling beautiful even during my year and a half of abuse and oppression."

Name Withheld

Shared with permission. We’re glad she’s safe and that she felt empowered to get the help she needed to safely exit from a bad situation.