GinaCurl Straight Variation

For softness and smoothness without frizz.

When naturally curl hair has a mind of its own, GinaCurl Straight Variation keeps it in line!

Thanks to thioglycolate, them chemical used in GinaCurl's Curl Reformer Solution, Straight Variation can straighten hair while improving the hair’s feel, softness and shine and making it more manageable to style your hair with ease. Formaldehyde-FREE formula that delivers permanent results!

What is the Straight Variation?

Gina Rivera has seen many chemical treatments come and go. Hair straightening is not a new concept. Rewind a few decades and permanent hair straightening treatments were overshadowed by the popularity of temporary frizz fighting treatments. Then came the health concerns over formaldehyde. The market changed the formulations to avoid formaldehyde but the product performance was disappointing. Clients were experiencing nothing more than a conditioning treatment without the formaldehyde. Now more than ever, clients are returning to what works - permanent chemical straightening!

Benefits of Straight Variation

Gina's Straight Variation is not permanent stick straight hair, and it goes beyond fighting frizz! Straight Variation removes curl and gives you to more flexible styling options. Results are permanent, you'll go 5 to 6 months before new growth should be treated.

Before Straight Variation After Straight Variation
  • Hair is curly, frizzy, hard to handle
  • Hair easily tangles
  • Hair takes 40 min to dry, plus 30 min with a flat iron
  • Hair looks dull and dry
  • Hair still swell up in humidity and heat.
  • Hair is relaxed, no more tangles
  • Hair is full of bounce without the frizz
  • Hair dries in under 15 minutes
  • Hair looks shiny and healthy
  • Styles last longer, even in heat and humidity

There's a reason people travel halfway around the world for The GinaCurl Straight Variation. GinaCurl breaks the cycle of harsh hair smoothing services and creates a healthy hair journey for clients with lots of curls and coils. With a treatment so ground breaking, it's not your ordinary hair straightening treatment.

Is the Straight Variation a Reverse Perm?

Is this just a formaldehyde-based perm? No. The Straight Variation is a thioglycolate-based perm and it is permanent, unlike a Keratin treatment. The Straight Variation restructures the hair molecules to reduce frizz and volume, making the hair softer, quick and easier to style. Your hair will also retain its elasticity keeping some volume to your hair.

It's a two-step process. First the thioglycolate is applied to soften the bonds of the hair. Hair is then washed with Gina’s Balancing Shampoo, followed by her uniquely formulated neutralizer (which has a nice, fresh fragrance) for a 15 minutes before a final trip to the sink. Then hair is blowdried. You will already feel the difference in the hair, the brush glides right through it, no tugging and no tangles. Curly hair is smooth, manageable and remains soft and moisture balanced.

Superior Length Retention

Grow your hair to new lengths easily—no special tricks, protective styles, or ingredients needed. The GinaCurl creates a healthy hair care journey that naturally maximizes length retention for even the most fragile hair types. No more jumping through hoops for longer hair. GinaCurl lets your hair do its thing while maintaining its integrity and elasticity.

Minimal Touch-ups. No Breakage

Avoid the cycle of excessive touch-ups and hair breakage from keratin treatments and straight perms. The GinaCurl Straight Variation lasts for months because it works with your new growth, not against it. Your natural hair will blend right in. Get touch-ups once or twice a year. And if you want to take a break from GinaCurl, there's no Big Chop.

No Burning or Irritation

Transforming your textured tresses shouldn't be torture. The GinaCurl process is "No pain. All Gain." You'll have a comfortable and healthy hair experience from start to finish without any harsh smells or discomfort.

Customizable for Every Client

Your hair is unique. The GinaCurl formula was designed to be easily customized for hair that has multiple textures, curl patterns, and porosity levels. Every strand will get just the right amount of love to make your hair look equally fabulous all over.

Gina Curl Hair's Talent Salon East Haven CT

Get Your GinaCurl

Where to get a GinaCurl Straight Variation? Visit Hair's Talent in East haven, CT, the multi-ethnic hair salon founded by Gina Rivera in 1985. Or, if that's too far, check out where to find a GinaCurl near you, either in the United States or internationally.

Salon Review
Happy Client
Gina's Straight Variation is the first treatment that has given me the texture and style I've been looking for. Staff is so friendly!! 100% happy with the way my hair looks after my first retouch. I used to have super tight curls that were getting difficult to manage and nothing else worked (keratin, Brazilian, etc.). Gina's Straight Variation is the first treatment that has given me the texture and style I've been looking for. I recommend this to anyone looking for a hair relaxer!!
Salon Review
I have been a client of Gina's for 16 wonderful years and I have only the highest praise for Gina and the people who work for her. They are a family and they treat their customers like family. I trust Gina with my hair and one week-ago she encouraged me to get her Gina’s Straight Variation. This African American woman loves her hair! Why did I wait so long? It is 1000 times better than the traditional African American perms! There is no hair breakage and your hair will feel like silk. If you want healthy, straight and silky hair--Call Gina ASAP!
Salon Review
Adelynn D
I love Gina's Straight Variation and I know I will keep getting it. It took almost a year to get a retouch and my hair did not break and It was manageable and I have very thick coarse 4c type hair when natural. Do your home work or just call Hair's Talent if you have questions.
Salon Review
Susan N
Hair's Talent is the ultimate salon for those of us with thick, curly, unmanageable hair. I walked in with a disaster on my head and walked out with a sleek, workable and very attractive style. Wow!