The GinaCurl

What Is the GinaCurl?

The GinaCurl restructures the hair molecules to reduce frizz \volume, making the hair softer, smoother, shinier, with a curl that is more manageable, soft, shiny and moisture-balanced.

The 3-Step Process

The first step is using a chemical Curl Reformer to break down the protein chains in the hair and allow it to take on a new shape.
The second step is winding the hair around perm rods and using heat oxidation (a hair dryer) to rearrange the protein (cystine/disulfide) bonds.
The third step is neutralizing the hair and permanently reforming the bonds into their new shape

What Makes the
GinaCurl Different?

There are several things that make the GinaCurl different. Here are just a few:
  • The curl reformer can take up to1 hour to process, so we can take our time during the application process and customize the curl reformer to address each porosity level in the hair.
  • We can protect previously treated hair with protection cream, applying curl reformer to only the regrowth
  • No curl reformer is ever applied to the perm rods. So, there’s no chance of compromising the ends.
  • There is no burning or skin irritation.
  • The hair retains its elasticity, allowing clients to extend the time between chemical services, only needing a retouch a maximum of two times a year.
  • The client’s natural texture hair blends into the chemically processed hair
  • Whether clients have a more wavy hair texture or tightly coiled hair, they are able to retain length as there’s no breakage at the line of demarcation.

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