GinaCurl Curl Reformer for Curls, Kinks and Coils

Don't resent your curls. Embrace them with a wash and go style! GinaCurl Curl Reformer restructures the hair on a molecular level to allow your curls and coils to be reshaped and redirected. Reduce frizz and volume, more stretch, extra shine, and hair that's easier to grow.

There's a reason people travel halfway around the world for The GinaCurl Curl Reformer. GinaCurl breaks the cycle of harsh chemical services and creates a healthy hair journey for clients with lots of curls and coils. No more tearful comb outs, just happy, bouncy curls. With a treatment so ground breaking, this is no ordinary curl reformer!

ginacurl before after clientWash and Go Style

Transform waves, curls, coils & kinks into a true wash-n-go hair, you'll fall in love with your hair all over again. With the GinaCurl, you'll effortlessly maintain and retain long, healthy, easy-to-manage hair.

Healthy Natural-looking Curls

Luxurious. Soft. Strong. Smooth. Shiny. Bouncy. Moisture-balanced. Should we go on? GinaCurl’s trademark natural-looking curls have helped make it a best-kept secret among models, actors, and professional athletes. Give your strands the star treatment for luminous, healthy hair that looks and feels effortless every single day.

No more tangles, no more shedding

Spending hours on wash day? Get your life back. Manageability with GinaCurl is like nothing you've experienced. It's extraordinarily effortless. Even the coarsest, tightest coils and kinks will enjoy ridiculously quick, under-5-minutes, struggle-free, Wash-N-Go’s. Rain or shine, your hair will handle like a dream.

Superior Length Retention

Grow your hair to new lengths easily—no protective styles needed. The GinaCurl creates a healthy hair care journey that naturally maximizes length retention for even the most fragile hair types. GinaCurl lets your hair do its thing while maintaining its integrity and elasticity.

Minimal Touch Ups, No Breakage

Avoid the cycle of excessive touch-ups and hair breakage from traditional curly perms and texturizers. The GinaCurl lasts for months because it works with your new growth, not against it. Your natural hair will blend right in. Get touch-ups once or twice a year. And if you want to take a break from GinaCurl, there's no Big Chop.

No Burning or Irritation

Transforming your textured tresses shouldn't be torture. The GinaCurl process is "No pain. All Gain." You'll have a comfortable and healthy hair experience from start to finish without any harsh smells or discomfort.

Customizable for Every Client

Your hair is unique. The GinaCurl formula was designed to be easily customized for hair that has multiple textures, curl patterns, and porosity levels. Every strand will get just the right amount of love to make your hair look equally fabulous all over.

Works on all curl types.

The GinaCurl can take up to 1 hour to process so we can take our time to customize the curl reformer and address any differences in curl patterns and porosity levels throughout the hair. No matter your curl type, you will be able to gain and maintain length with this healthier curl reformation process.

Healthy Alternative

Safety begins with our consultation process.  If we know your complete hair history (keratin, henna, perms, relaxers, hair color, home remedies...tell us everything!) we can perform the service without damaging your hair.Your hair will hold on to its natural elasticity and will only to be touched up about once or twice a year. 

The Different Curly Perm

GinaCurl is not a Jherri Curl or Wave Nouveau, nor is it a kitchen relaxer you can do at home! What makes GinaCurl different is the product and the application technique that took over a decade to develop. We adapt our technique to your unique head of hair, working section by section, often using 2 or 3 different strengths of Curl Reformer.

GinaCurl is a 3 Step Process

GinaCurl can only be performed by a certified stylist, trained by Gina Rivera, using only GinaCurl Curl Reformer.



First, we start with the Curl Reformer to alter the protein chains in the hair which prepares your curls to take on a new shape. They're going to get a makeover.



Next, we give your curls new direction by winding the hair around perm rods of varied sizes, customizing the placement around the head. Then, using heat, we reactivate the bonds.



Finally, we neutralize the hair and permanently seal the bonds so that your curls keep their new shape.

hair's talent home of the ginacurl curl reformer East Haven CT

Get Your GinaCurl

Where to get a GinaCurl? Visit Hair's Talent in East haven, CT, the multi-ethnic hair salon founded by Gina Rivera in 1985. Or, if that's too far, check out where to find a GinaCurl near you, either in the United States or internationally.

What Makes the GinaCurl Curl Reformer Different?

For starters, it was created specifically for the unique demands of textured hair. When it came to providing beauty solutions for her textured hair clients, Gina Rivera wanted it all. Something that could reduce frizz and volume, reshape the curls, and actually leave hair healthier than before...without any risk of damage to the hair.  That was a tall order. And because Gina couldn't find what she wanted on the market, she decided after decades in the industry, to create it herself!

GinaCurl Curl Reformer

Quick Facts: GinaCurl Curl Reformer

  • The curl reformer can take up to 1 hour to process, so we can take our time during the application process and customize the curl reformer to address each porosity level in the hair.
  • We can protect previously treated hair with protection cream, applying curl reformer to only the regrowth
  • No curl reformer is ever applied to the perm rods. So, there’s no chance of compromising the ends.
  • There is no burning or skin irritation.
  • The hair retains its elasticity, allowing clients to extend the time between chemical services, only needing a retouch a maximum of two times a year.
  • The client’s natural texture hair blends into the chemically processed hair
  • Whether clients have a more wavy hair texture or tightly coiled hair, they are able to retain length as there’s no breakage at the line of demarcation.



  • You can switch from a GinaCurl to Gina’s Straight Variation
  • You can switch from Gina’s Straight Variation to a GinaCurl as long as you don’t use any direct heat on your hair.
  • You can switch from a any Jheri Curl Brand over to a GinaCurl
  • We can switch from any Thio perm to a GinaCurl


  • You cannot switch from a GinaCurl to any other curl without breakage
  • You cannot switch from a Sodium Hydroxide relaxer to a GinaCurl
  • You cannot switch from a GinaCurl to any Jheri Curl Brands
  • You should never apply relaxer over any of any of Gina’s Techniques

Frequent Questions About GinaCurl

Who should NOT get a GinaCurl treatment?
You are not a candidate for the GinaCurl if you have high lift color, highlights, bleach, relaxer or a texturizer. Some smoothing treatments and amino acid treatments may be another reason for not being able to get a successful GinaCurl from roots to ends. We will determine that in your online consultation.

How long does the GinaCurl last?

The GinaCurl is permanent, so it will grow out. The majority of our clients come in every 6 months. The frequency depends upon the degree or your natural curl pattern, the rate of hair growth and how well you can work with the two textures. We can not do retouches before your 4th month.

The GinaCurl Retouch

When it comes to protecting the integrity and health of the hair, the GinaCurl technique has thought of everything. When clients comes back to the salon for a retouch, we treat the new growth only.  We use a protection cream on the previously treated hair below the line of demarcation. Because the curl reformer takes up to 1 hour to process, the previously treated hair will not have enough time to absorb the curl reformer during the rinsing.

How much does a GinaCurl Cost?

The price is determined by the length, texture, condition and previous chemical in the client’s hair.

Cost of Initial GinaCurl treatment: Our price starts at $600 with a starting length of three inches. We require a $250 deposit when you schedule your appointment. In addition, there is a $50 service fee for all Saturday appointments. We work as a team but you can request a particular stylist for your appointment or virtual consultation. An extra fee will apply. $150 fee for Gina. $75 fee for Giana.

Cost of GinaCurl Retouch: The cost of the retouch is the same as the initial treatment as you come back within 12 months and there's no chemical change to your hair. The retouch is often more difficult, more delicate and requires more time as your hair has grown, and more time and product is needed. If you come after 12 months, you'll need to submit another online consultation.  For your second retouch, you will have to submit another consultation if you continue to grow out your hair.