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GinaCurl Stylist Training Certification Course
Launching August 2020!

It’s time for you to learn the GinaCurl Process!

We’re launching our signature GinaCurl training course August 2020.
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Clients from all over the world come to Hair’s Talent for the GinaCurl

our signature, healthy permanent curl reformer. Now, we’re
training stylists all over the world how we do it.
The GinaCurl Benefits
  • Get new clients
  • Bring clients back to your salon
  • Increase your salon revenue
  • Give your clients easy-to-manage, healthy hair

We have people in the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and
Africa asking if there are stylists in their area who know how to do the GinaCurl. Get instant clients and provide a service people around the world are begging for.

Global GinaCurl Requests

Hello do you have any stylists trained in Ginacurl in London? 


Have you trained anyone in the Houston Texas area that can do the GinaCurl? Or do I have to come to travel to get my hair done by you? 


Do you ever travel? I live in Toronto. 


Hello! I love your page and your work it’s so innovative. I would love this in Columbus, Ohio. I remember a while ago you were asking if any other stylists in other cities would be interested in your GinaCurl. I am not a stylist at all but I’d love if somehow you could introduce your work to my city. Thanks for taking the time out. 


Hello, I’m from the UK and I’m very interested in your service. Do you know however of any based in the UK? 


Hello, I’m from Georgia and would love to get my hair done by you, but it is very difficult to travel that far. Will you be coming to Atlanta soon? 


Hello, Is this system available in the Caribbean as yet? Thanks for responding


Hello. I live in Southern California. I noticed the Gina curl results and I’m amazed. Are there any locations where I could get the Gina curl done near me?


I hope I’ll be able to fly to CT (I live in Barcelona) I would love to have my hair done. However, in case you are doing in house treatment and would like to visit Barcelona, I have a guest room.


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